If you are a student at Virginia Tech, you can join our team regardless of your major. Why should you join?

  • Networking opportunities - You get the chance to meet alumni, faculty, and interact with visiting lecturers. You could even interview someone you truly admire by simply getting the interview approved for the next issue. 
  • Control - Every member has a few baseline responsibilities, and beyond that you can set as much or as little responsibility as you wish just by talking to your team leader.
  • Create content - You're joining because you want to have a say of what goes in the publication. And since Studio Collective is 100% student-run, you can do just that.


We are looking to add students who will excel in the following positions:

Editor You will work on the Editorial Team to write and edit the essays and interviews that go into the next volume of Studio Collective.

Assistant Interview Editor You will assist the Interview Editor in approving all questions for interviews in the journal.

Marketing Member You will work on the Marketing Team to create beautiful and engaging marketing campaigns to broaden the reach of Studio Collective. 

Layouts Member You will work on the Layouts Team to organize the content in the journal so that it is displayed beautifully and functionally to the reader. 

Secretary You will be in charge of the Studio Collective newsletter, reminding our members of events, managing our Google Drive and Basecamp, and assisting the Advisory Board.

Editor in Chief You will lead the Editorial Team, our largest team, to plan the stories that will be in the next volume of Studio Collective. You will work with our editors, photographers, and contributors to shape the content that goes into the journal that we know and love. You will work with the President and Faculty Advisors to make final edits until the journal is printed. You will make important decisions in the organization as an Advisory Board member. 

Don't see a position you're interested in? Apply anyway. We would love to meet you and see if there is a place for you on our team.

Please email us if you have any questions or problems submitting your application at