Shanice Aga

What is your favorite part about your major?

I get to make things. 

I got denied from Industrial Design twice and came to Tech through my second choice, Wildlife Science. I love biology and wanted to be a Park Ranger or do research on tigers or something, but I was so restless, because I work well when I get to physically do something, and wildlife science turned out to be a lot of chemistry and textbook reading, and sitting on my butt and not too much actual thinking. Then I wanted to be an English major because I dig reading and writing a lot, so I took some classes, but it didn't feel challenging enough, I wasn’t learning much new but I was actually thinking and analyzing but I still felt restless. Then I applied to ID again, didn’t get it, applied to Interior Design summer studio, got in, didn’t want to do interior design because the more I learned about architecture the more I was interested in it...Mostly theory and the building things parts, and just how many of the different things I’m interested in and excited about.

What is your year?

I’m in my third year.

What do you love about Studio Collective? 

The graphic design I saw in Studio Collective when I first joined was extremely clean and geometric and really the opposite of the type of drawing and design I do. So I learned a new way of doing things, and also Studio Collective has changed some of their ways of doing things to allow for a more line drawing and organic style to fit into their aesthetic. All of that is really a reflection on the people in SC though. We’re all super different and very talented in our own ways  and in SC we all come together to make a final product but our individual interests are still expressed, and we get to work on things we care about.

What is your most embarrassing moment? 

Hmmmm, I don’t really get like red-faced embarrassed… I usually just own up to being wrong, and I’ve gotten pretty used to feeling uncomfortable and doing things weird.  I guess the closest to that recently is I got hit by a girl on a bike yesterday while walking on campus, I saw it coming so stepped back to let her pass me but she was freaking out and shaking her handlebars around, didn’t even slow down, just smacked right into me, I thought it was more funny than anything.

What do you love/hate about your position? 

It's just the one thing, making graphics. The difference is when I think, “Oh joy, I get to make a graphic!” and, “oh, joy. another graphic,” depends on the flavor of week I’m having.

If you had to pick an animal as a spouse what would it be and why? 

Irish Wolfhound, they are big and have lots of hair.

What do you think your style is when it comes to design? 

Architecturally I dig thinking about thicknesses and weights, and I like building elements that are placed where they are because they need to be there, not because they look good there. Even if I think something is ugly, it's nice when it's just ugly because I don't like it but can still understand why it's done that way and why it's a correct architectural response. I don’t really know a style I super like, but I really hate the look of most skyscrapers, and full curtain wall glazing, and buildings that hide too much behind really big plain white walls. Art-wise I think the drawings I make are kind of “primitive." I like line drawings, and basically any art that you can tell was made by hand with a lot of  “mess” and “mistakes” in it. I guess I like that more and more lately and am more impressed by it because I learned how to draw realistically and took a bunch of art classes all through my kid days, and it just becomes a process of doing things. It got really boring and didn't say anything about perceptions, and being human or the world I'm affected by. I still very much like to draw what I see though, just through a lens of slight absurdity.