Studio Interviews: Chairs


I actually got it from my dad. We got the emails about the chairs from my second year professors. My dad thought he recognized one of the chairs on there and went down to the garage where we had this chair which was similar. He’d been using it since he was in law school and we had to fix it up to get it back together. I’ve actually had a lot of people say that it’s really comfortable even though it’s super old.

Chair described in one word: Classy



I bought the chair from the thrift store and painted it myself. After I saw the email about chairs for second year I thought I’d make a joke out of it. It’s pretty comfortable because it has a little “butt curve” carved in and I put a blanket on top.

Chair described in one word: Pink


I didn’t go and buy a new chair. Usually when the semester starts I go around to look for spare ones, which is how I got the one I’m sitting in. Then I found another spare later on in the year. I have this thing where I don’t like it when there’s a lot of people that come around me and hover. So, when someone comes by I just point to the chair for them to sit down. I thought that I would alternate more between the two chairs, but the guest chair is way too comfortable. I can’t really get work done in a chair like that.

One word: Lola


I don’t mind the stool. It kind of hurts to sit on, but I feel that even though first years have stools it’s just something that you have to deal with. Later on I’ll get my own chair and it’s almost like a promotion.

Chair described in one word: Tough


I always liked Eames and I really liked the management chair and the executive chair. For the studio environment it’s really nice to have the executive chair because you can lean back and look at your drawing at your drawing in a different way than you normally would.

Chair described in one word: Sleek