Unlikely Ensembles

Unlikely Ensembles was a collaborative project put together by students from School of Architecture + Design and the School of Performing Arts. We did quick interviews with students involved in the event, ranging from an architecture student involved in Design-build experiment, a performer, and a passerby.

Ken (Design-build participant)

“We usually don’t do studio projects as a team, so it was very interesting to investigate that dynamic throughout the week. Unlike a typical studio project, it was quite an experience to understand the atmospheric and spatial quality while permitting grant, fabrication, and time. Making an agreement as a group was the most difficult part of this project. It’s discouraging when your idea gets thrown under the bus, but everyone contributed to the final product by the end of the day.”



“I think this is such a wonderful idea. As a performer, I can tell you that performing on street with people passing by is definitely different than performing in a set environment. I particularly enjoyed performing on the drill field today in this piece of architecture due to its dual quality. Its closed feature gives you a sense that you’re performing in an intimate space, but you get the sense that your performance is heard throughout the drill field due to its open quality.”


“I was very confused at first. The first thing that I have noticed from a distance was the panel. I thought they were solar panels from far away but I knew that they weren’t since they were made out of wood. However, I saw the pattern on the panels and I thought they would make noise depending on the wind. I’m not a design major but I thought it was cool how the panels were aligned with the direction of the sun.”


Interview and photos by Sue Jung