10 Essential Things for Studio Survival

School sucks but this post probably doesn't. The team put together a list of 10 things you might need if you want to survive studio in every literal sense.


1.         T-Square



A t-shaped ruler with a thick piece at one end that can slide on an edge used for making straight, parallel lines.

“Yeah definitely. T-square is life.”


2.         Food



A substance of nutritional value; a source of energy for students working prolonged hours, and also something you might need if don’t want to die.

“It makes late nights easier when you have food.”


3.         Sketchbook



A pad or book of drawing paper for sketching on usually filled with bad ideas and unfulfilled dreams.

“I need my sketchbook to draw out first what I’m planning in my head… kinda like a rough draft.”


4.         Pens



A tool used to make marks using ink, typically used for drawing and writing, and can also be used as a convenient shank if the occasion arises.

"One pen is never enough."


5.         Caffeine



Another source of energy for students; typically used as a substance to increase productivity, especially when a student is low in energy or is sleepy.

“If I’m lucky, I get 5 hours of sleep -- so I definitely need [caffeine.]”


6.         Sweater



A garment, typically knit, worn atop a shirt usually for its warmth, as studio students do not get a lot of interaction with the sun.

"For some reason, it's always cold in here."


7.         Cutting Mat



A cutting mat is used both to protect the surface you are cutting on, and to provide measurement guidelines and references to ensure a clean and straight cut.

“I need a cutting mat because the school would be mad at me if I ruined their desks.”



8.         Drafting Board



A smooth board on which paper is placed for making drawings.

“[My drafting board] is my pillow away from home.”


9.         Books



A set of pages bound together using a variety of methods, such as spiral-binding or sewing. This stack of papers usually has some intellectual value, useful for inspiration or just plain knowledge.

“Sometimes it’s good to learn how based on an architect and writers and other people talking about creative things. [A book] sparks ideas.”


10.    Plants



A living organism that resides on the desk of most students. This organism feeds on water in combination with the carbon dioxide exhaled through the tired sigh of a thesis student.

“Plants bring life to your space and help you think clear.”

    Written by Alexandra Pena, Chloe Molinos and Jee Yun Kim    Photographs by Chloe Molinos and Alexandra Pena


Written by Alexandra Pena, Chloe Molinos and Jee Yun Kim

Photographs by Chloe Molinos and Alexandra Pena