Empty Bowls

THE LINE EXTENDED FURTHER than the interior of the space allowed, turning the corner and curving against itself. These people were in queue for bowls and soup. Empty Bowls, however, is not your average canned-soup-and Styrofoam-bowl event. Both the bowls and soup were created by the hands of designers, and that alone would be sufficient to draw a decent crowd. The ticket sale proceeds went to Micah’s Backpack – a Blacksburg organization that assists low-income families by providing their children food for the weekend. Where service is involved, the people gather. Another attraction available was the live band, The Wildmans. The Wildmans maintained a folksy atmosphere with their music, adding to the overall lively buzz of the event.

These photos reflect the energy present at Empty Bowls. The handcrafted dinnerware and homemade meal was a combination to remember.


Article by Chloe Molinos

Photographs by Cat Piper