Curation 1

by Jee Yun Kim

I've decided to start a series of posts where i put together things i think are cool.


menashe (2017)


Menashe gives a very personal view of the life of Menashe, a widower, and his son living in a haredi community within New York. It's supposed to be this sweet movie about a dad trying to cope with his wife's death while also raise his son, but it's definitely a lot more than that. Throughout the movie Menashe continuously rejects pressures to remarry, but still makes a sincere effort to stay a devout member of his community. It's about maintaining an identity within such a small and specific community while also being part of an even larger picture, which in this case would be NYC. It's pretty common for people to make generalizations of those in smaller communities, but I think this movie reminds you that people are individuals even if they blend into some kind of crowd. It's definitely worth a watch even though it's very dialogue heavy. I'm pretty sure it's not showing anymore so watch it somehow I guess.


ariel pink - dedicated to bobby jameson

Ariel Pink's followup to his 2014 album Pom Pom. He continues his lo-fi take on 80's new wave on this album as well. Pretty uhhhh pretty good man.

Favorite Tracks: Feels like Heaven, Time To Live, Bublegum Dreams, Kitchen Witch


The buggles - The age of plastic

I kind of just picked this album because of the reference Ariel Pink makes on "Time To Live" to "Video Killed The Radio Star." But this is still a pretty solid album even though it gets pretty overlooked since they're usually regarded as a one-hit-wonder.

Favorite Tracks: Video Killed The Radio Star, I Love You (Miss Robot), Clean, Clean, Astroboy



Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee's XING

'XING' was put together by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee as a collaborative project intended to explore identity and sexuality of Asian women through satirizing and subverting stereotypes.


rick owens ss18 "DIRT"




Wes Wilson: “Buffalo Springfield, Steve Miller Blues Band, Freedom Highway at the Fillmore Auditorium.” 


Hellboy: Seed of Destruction