Submit your work to be included in the Student Projects section.

Are you ready to become part of the history of our school? Each volume of Studio Collective is archived in the Newman

Library Special Collections and in the Art + Architecture Library. We also send copies to Virginia Tech alumni working at top

firms around the nation.

Before you submit, make sure:

  • You are a student at Virginia Tech majoring in architecture, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture,

    or visual communications design.

  • Your work is relevant to one of the above categories. In most cases, we will not accept art. We do accept sketches,

    prints, ceramics, textiles, and collages.

  • If you haven’t already, you are prepared to write 150+ words about your process, why your project is significant, and

    your design intent.

  • If selected, you are prepared to respond quickly to emails until your written piece and layouts are finalized.

Submissions for the Student Projects section are open continuously, but each issue has a cut-off date. Any project submitted

after the cut-off date will be considered for the next issue. If you have any questions, please email us at

Submit your work to be included in the Stories section.

In each issue there are two sections: Student Projects (which is our most common type of submission) and Stories. We accept essays

and photo essays to be included in the Stories section. We accept submissions of all kinds, as long as there is some relation to

architecture or design. Occasionally we will include an art-related story but we are ultimately a design journal. We include

interviews, fiction, academic/theory essays, personal essays, photography, etc. We are open-minded and encourage you to push

the limits of the type of content we include. We are more likely to choose work with a strong sense of time and/or place, as

this type of content becomes most valuable after archived for many years. We accept submissions to the Stories section from

anyone willing to share. To submit this type of work please contact us at